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Interactively Learn and Train Keyboard Shortcuts, automatically Converted to Your Keyboard Layout. Support for 0 Shortcuts.

Work more efficient.

Keyboard shortcuts can help you to be more efficient when using a computer. They allow you to perform common tasks by pressing a combination of keys on the keyboard, rather than using the mouse to click on menus and options.

Work more efficient.

Stop the wrist pain.

Repetitive reaching for a mouse can lead to arm and neck strain as well as spinal asymmetry. With fewer switches from mouse to keyboard you can reduce the risks of R.S.I. and reduce the fatigue of your wrists and fingers.

Stop the wrist pain.

Be more precise.

Always missing small buttons with your mouse? Keyboard shortcuts allow you to perform actions with a precise combination of keys, rather than trying to click on a specific element on the screen using a mouse.

Be more precise.

Supported Apps

KeyTap supports 0 apps, 0 lessons and 0 shortcuts. We have already teached our users 0 shortcuts.

Keyboard Optimized

We convert all shortcuts based on your operating system and keyboard Layout. Don't worry, mac users.

Cloud Saved

We save your progress in the cloud. Sign in on any another device and just continue learning.

Need to cheat?

Need to cheat?

If you forgot a shortcut, download the desktop app and press Ctrl Shift K to search for it. KeyTap automatically detects the currently active app, and loads the shortcuts accordingly.

Get started with KeyTap today.

Any Questions?

Here are the answers for the most common ones:

What apps are supported?

You can see a list of all supported apps here. If you are looking for a specific app, use the search feature.

Is there a KeyTap desktop app?

You can either use KeyTap in your browser or download the native desktop app.

What payment methods are allowed?

We currently support Card and PayPal payments. However, we might support more payment methods in the future.

How much does KeyTap cost?

You can find a list of our available KeyTap Pro plans on our pricing page.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, our KeyTap Pro subscription has no commitment and you can cancel at any time.

Still got another question?

You can always contact us here!